Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soul Search Sunday: Work hard. Play later.

       I, like many, always seem to wait to the last minute to get important things done. I am a slave to procrastination. I seem to have formed the idea in my head that I work better under pressure. What's worse is that I actually believe it now. I typically find myself at the eleventh hour stressed trying to get something done that could have been done a long time ago. What happens when you just barely miss your deadline? You feel terrible. It would make more sense to spread a task out so that it's not too much at once or you let your deadline surpass you. A huge part of my journey to being a better Brown Queen is getting rid of this procrastination disease. Get the work out of the way so that there is more time for activities less stressful. I know I won't be changing over night but I can't afford to wait til tomorrow to start a change either. Work hard. Play later. Let's get these priorities together starting now. Go.

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