Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Relations Wednesday: Valentine's Day 365 Days a Year


Valentine's Day has officially come and gone. It is one of the few days of the year when guys go out of their way to show their love for their significant other with cards, chocolate, flowers, and teddy bears. Guys get to make their ladies feel special and ladies get to show off their gifts to their family and friends. Love is definitely in the air on February 14th but what about the other days of the year? Flowers tend to appear on your first couple of dates with a guy (if you are lucky) and they only come back around on Valentine's Day. You may get special gifts for your birthday, Christmas, or on your anniversary but that's about it. Wouldn't it be nice to receive gifts of appreciation between the holidays? What girl doesn't want her guy to make her feel special just because it's Wednesday if not everyday? Also, Valentine's Day should not be a day that guys dread and makes them feel cheated at the end. Ladies should also take the time on that day to let their man know that he is loved and appreciated  too. Why not buy him his favorite candy or treat him to dinner for the things he does throughout the year? If he makes you feel special then you ought to think about making his Valentine's Day special as well. You do not love each other only a few days out of the year so show each other more than a few days out of the year. If Valentine's Day is the day you show your love and appreciation then it should be everyday and February 14th is just another day like any other.