Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Relations Wednesday: Friendships, "Ain't Nobody Straight!"

Real friends are certainly hard to find these days. You find yourself being the only one you can truly depend on. The friends around you bring more drama than positivity into your life. Then you start to question their loyalty, making statements like "Ain't nobody loyal." or Ain't Nobody Straight." If this sounds like you then you may need to reevaluate the people you call friends in your life. You may even need to self evaluate the type of friend you are to others. You are the company you keep. If you are that loner type of person that needs no one then more power to you. But are you also the person that claims no one is real or loyal? Think back and ask yourself if you have you always been loyal. I know what it's like to have great group of friends and I hate to see others miss out on such a dynamic type of relationship and support system. No you don't need friends but I think it makes life a bit more fulfilling to have someone there by your side to experience life's ups and downs. I love my friends, dearly. Several of them are like family. And if you know what it's like to be flawed and to have people that love you anyway with no blood relation, then you understand the value of a good friendship.


  1. U know i don't like to read but I did, and I'm proud of u.

    CUZ shae

  2. Very true!! Even though I don't talk to y'all everyday, I KNOW that y'all will always be there for me regardless :) Everyone should be able to experience a "real" friendship!!