Wednesday, March 2, 2016

RELATIONS WEDNESDAY: It is Women's History Month Right?

Welp we've ended our nationally allotted time to celebrate people of color (shade) but guess what Queens? Women's history month is here. You know The BQC is all for a celebration especially a celebration of women. It's what we're here for. All day. Every day.

Many years ago (like 4) I wrote a little poem and it became the official grand preamble for The Brown Queens' Constitution. These are words to live by for all women and even more, brown queens.  I know it is relations Wednesday and you might be a little confused. But this poem is about the woman in relation to fellow women and the rest of the world. Women please go forward recognizing and owning your queendom. You so deserve it. You are absolutely magnificent. Happy Women's History month.

 The original font is a bit fancy so here it is plain, clear, and bold as ever.

Wisdom. Pride. Courage. Grace. Power. Generosity.
 To be a Brown Queen
 it is not required that I posses all of these things in their entirety.
 It is the gradual effort I put forth,
 the appreciation of the process, and being a constant source
 of love and inspiration reflective upon me.
 It's to be a magnet of knowledge, growth, and positivity.
 This is how I rule,
 the majesty I bestow
 Even without a crown or a throne, I am rightfully so
 a Brown Queen and I am beautiful.

And since everything's better with music, I've included a few songs that really make me feel good about being a woman. Enjoy.

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