Monday, March 28, 2016

MUSIC MONDAY: Interlude Game Crazy

     I know I've said this to myself and to my friends a few times but never to my BQC family. Welp until today. Seeing how it's #MusicMonday and all. Now check me if I'm wrong but isn't it true? "Interludes are some of the best songs on an album." You know an album... the full bodies of work artists used to put out where most of the songs on the project are actually good. Yeah those things. Anyway, few albums have them but the interludes used to be everything and part of what makes an album special. A good interlude leaves you wanting to hear more. A good interlude will make you say, "This should have been a full song." A great interlude helps the flow of an album easing you into and setting you up for the next song. It can be the perfect transition into another theme or guided feeling. I don't want to get too technical but interludes are pretty necessary in some cases. Maybe it's just me. No? Well I'm going to share some of my favorite interludes with you and I'd like to hear some of yours too. So share.

Listen. Below of my favorite interludes are...
Interlude x Jamie Foxx
Superstar Interlude x Usher
Cameras/Good Ones Go x Drake
Loving Intro- India Arie
I Think It's Better x Jill(She never disappoints)







  1. Great list! I've never heard the Jamie Foxx or Jill Scott, so those were cool to explore. I really love the Kehlani - Runnin Interlude.

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