Thursday, February 13, 2014

The BQC turns 2 today! Thank you!

      On behalf of myself and The Brown Queens' Constitution team, we would like to thank every one who has visited the blog, liked a Facebook post, or even gave our posts a glance. We're more than thankful for you. The Brown Queens' Constitution is an ongoing celebration of women of African Heritage and our culture. It's a celebration that every gender creed and color is invited to join every day of the BQC week. The BQC is for all tints shades and dynamics of the brown girl. It's the extraordinary things you do on a daily basis the make you Queen worthy. We celebrate your majesty, Brown Queens, because you are everyday royalty. If you haven't already; please join the blog and like our Facebook page. We're preparing a greater BQC experience for our viewers. Thank you again for hanging with us so far and get ready as we kick things up a notch because (In our best Kevin Hart impersonation) "It's. About. To go. Down."

- Na'Shun Wright, Founder of The Brown Queens' Constitution

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