Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RELATIONS WEDNESDAY: Sibling or Third Parent?

    Raising children is no easy task. Helping with homework and transporting kids are tasks that parents know all too well. Often times these tasks are also familiar to the oldest child or older sibling of the family. They are familiar because it is often the responsibility given to the oldest sibling. It's helpful to the parents to share some of the labor of raising a child with the oldest sibling. Yes, the oldest learns about responsibility but it is important to know that the responsibility of raising children that are not theirs is not their responsibility. The responsibility for the older sibling is to be of assistance to the parents but not handling the entire operation. It takes a village to raise a child but if an entire village did not create the child, then any assistance is of favor and not requirement. Families should stick together no matter what. however careful consideration should be taken when one or two family members decide to bring a challenge to the family that affects the entire family. Bringing children in this world is a choice made at conception. If that child can not be cared for by those two people more than anyone else then another choice should be made.

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